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Bathroom Fitting


The customer had a clear expectation of how they envisaged the end result. We were engaged at the design stage and worked with the customer to ensure their vision was realised.

On the first day of work we discovered that the new shower unit would not comfortably fit within the slope of the ceiling. Being an old property none of the walls or flooring were level. In consultation with the client we suggested a dropped down step shower area. This meant digging out a section of the solid stone floor but at the same time would also give a pleasing feature to the bathroom.

This was an extensive refit due to everything being taken out, levelling of floor sections, new direction plumbing, complete new wiring, rendering walls, ceiling repaired and plastered.

The project went smoothly with the customer being onsite most days. An old shower unit and cupboard were removed revealing the cottage’s original stone walling. Part of this wall extended into the bathroom, which meant the bath would not sit neatly in the intended area. In consultation, the bath was moved to another wall line, which ultimately gave the room a bigger sense of space. We suggested tile panelling the bath, rather than using the purchased panel, which made the bath appear to be sunk into the tiles.

Watch the short film of the finished bathroom, below: